Sault! Derby Madness this weekend – Sault go against Sudbury – plus Rollergettes and Royal City rumble tonight

It was great to see so many new leagues last year at GTA’s inaugural Fresh and Furious. Amongst the leagues playing was Sault Roller Derby.

To bring us up to date, some welcome and fresh words from Laura DevilZone up in SRD who venture a little bit northwards this weekend to roll against one of our favourite teams Sister Slag of NCRD.

“Our league in Sault Ste. Marie, the Sault Roller Derby League is now a registered NOT-for Profit Organization and we now have our very first team!

We are proud to unveil our new team! Please meet the “SOONAMI SLAMMERS” !

We are playing Sudbury (NCRD’s) Sister Slag on Sunday May 29th, in an exhibition game in the town of Espanola.

In July, our freshies will play in GTA’s Fresh n Furious II and our seasoned ladies will be coaching, reffing, and helping to NSO for the bouts.

We are working on an event for our new team and if all comes together, will be officially announcing the event soon!

We would like to invite all derby folks if they are passing through Sault Ste. Marie to come skate with us or visit anytime! Just FB message or give a shout out and we’ll hook you up with a practice time!

Much Derby ♥ !!! ”

Good luck Sault and Sister Slag! Connect with SRD through their new site at:

As for tonight this is a very quick note.:
It’s not exactly the dual Royal Rumble from last Saturday but the Royal City Roller Girls roll against the WEWRA Rollergettes tonight at 7 or 8 p.m. at the familiar haunts of George Bell Arena. [Runnymede Station then head north on a Runnymede 71 bus – but not too far. It’s around St. Clair Avenue West.] From the looks of things, there are many of the familiar faces from yesteryear. We think we can spot Goldie and Punkii.


Now that it is Friday [as of the 27th of May] Rollergettes and RCRG was a very interesting tussle. The scrimmage was filled with lots of skating for both teams, and did we say lots of skating especially for Royal City who came down with five skaters and whose captain chose to play as one unit all night.

So who were the furious five from Royal City? Each playing at different positions throughout: Captain #669 Maggoty Mandy Maggotbone, #26 Bonny BruiseHer, #5050 Gender Bend-Her, #4377 Goodbye Kitty, #38 Hot Cross Guns.

The game still rolled with regulation Derby 30 seconds between jams [plus timeouts when called for by coaches]. One player who still managed to fly around the track for Royal City was jammer #38 Hot Cross Guns.


Rollergettes have an influx of new players this year in the West End amidst their vets. But don’t let looks deceive you, the Gettes have already picked up their first win of the year. So on this night, Goldie LocknLoad and crew were ten altogether, spurred on by the shouts of “Skate!” from their coach. Feisty Bonny BruiseHer had an evil Derby eye going.

The pleasant part of the evening was all the camaraderie of players and coaches whilst they introduced each other and sat between halftime. Teams were shown proper techniques. Plus head referee Chocolate Meltdown was overseeing everything, calling penalties and counting points, giving constructive words to new referees and players alike. “If you have nothing constructive to say, say nothing at all” was the sage advice of the night.

An intriguing part of the night was a continual parade of ladies in tight shorts or skirts and high heels who would walk across the track. Then more dressed up people came on through the doorway to the rink, and one of them asked “What is this?” as the players wizzed by on the jam. We had to reply: “This is Roller Derby.”

It was discovered there was a movie shoot going on at the arena. As far as we could tell, there were no Colin or Scarlett sightings.

Be on the lookout for more possible action or practices on Thursday nights at George Bell Arena.

As for the rest of the Derby Madness:
This coming Saturday, May 28, 2011

GTAR – Black Eye Affair – Chrome Mollys vs. Belles of the Brawl [BCRG] @ Ted Reeve Arena

ToRD – Chicks Ahoy! vs. Death Track Dolls [last game of regular season]. At The Hangar.

FCDG -Thames Fatales vs. Nickel City Knockouts from Queen City Roller Girls [NCKO are of the two finalists for the Queen’s Cup championships on June 4, 2011]. in Forest City.

RCRG – Violet Uprising vs Killer Queens (7 PM) and TCRG TKO’s vs RCRG Our Ladies of Pain (9 PM) – in Guelph

We know we’re missing a few so head over to Canuck Derby TV

/… more to come from London and Toronto Junior Roller Derby.

Thanks to all our wonderful contributors and Gentle Readers who spot everything. Congrats to Sloppy over there with Hamburg! and good luck at Kallio.

more of our Derby photos can be seen on Midnight Matinee

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