GTA amongst the first cut at Blood & Thunder Team Canada East Coast Tryouts

Over a long, tiring and busy weekend The Hangar up at Downsview Park hosted the Team Canada-East Coast try outs. With a number around 60 participants, the first cut of skaters includes:

Killson [Forest City Derby Girls]
Semi Precious [RIdeau Valley Roller Girls]
Soul Rekker [Rideau Valley Roller Girls]
Windigo [HRD Brawlers]
Motorhead Molly [Tri-City Roller Girls, Inc.]
Brim Stone [Toronto Roller Derby]
Bambi [Toronto Roller Derby]
Dust Bunny [Toronto Roller Derby]
Dyna Hurt-cha [Toronto Roller Derby]
Rebel Rock It [Toronto Roller Derby]
Rainbow Fight [709 Derby Girls]


Lee Way Wreck’Em! [GTA Rollergirls!]


from a surprised and excited Lee Way Wreck’Em:

I actually considered sleeping in when I heard what the fitness test consisted of (and I’m very glad I changed my attitude to going for the experience of it all)! I don’t do much outside of derby so the fitness test wasn’t easy. Push ups, sit ups, running…it was a challenge for sure. It was, oddly, still fun. I think it was because I was surrounded by a lot of other derby players who were in the same boat.

“For one of the tests I was beside Semi Precious [Rideau Valley] and we swore to push each other past a certain level; early bits of teamwork popped up despite the competitive nature of tryouts which I think speaks to the nature of the sport. It’s safe to say everyone was tired midway through the on skates portion but we all gave everything we had.

“Pauly brings a lot of coaching experience to the table. He has a hard job of being the first coach in Canada to pick a team to represent the country. The next difficult job will be getting everyone together to practice because of the size of the country and the cost involved.”

GTA Rollergirls is certainly proud of 5by5! and congratulations to everybody who tried out and to those who made it!