GTA rumbles with Royal City

[quick note: this story is still in the writing and photo stage… I’ve just realized something: this is the first time I’ve seen a Debutantes victory in person.]

The teams of GTA got deep into a Royal Rumble with the Royal City Rollergirls from Guelph on a cool and rainy Saturday night. But inside, the action was more than hot and primed.

Royal City Rollergirls from Guelph came into the well-packed arena at Ted Reeve on a Saturday night more than ready to rumble against GTA who were officially launching their season. The crowd was more than ready to rumble as well.

While the quickly developing Royal City Rollergirls comprise three teams within their own league, what with Violet Uprising, Killer Queens and Our Ladies of Pain, the RCRG for the night divided into the Freshies and Veterans for the Royal Rumble. And according to Debutantes coach My-Call Bublé it would be the first official 60 minute bout for Royal City. So while the experience level difference might be vast, the ladies in the Royal colours would not be mismatched. With previous coaching help from some Toronto Roller Derby veterans and CN Power along with some input from Guelph vets, Royal City were ready to do their best.

Royal City Freshies (royal colours) and Chrome Mollys (blue)

From another observer’s viewpoint: “The Mollys continue to do well, and [it] was a pleasant surprise at how well the Guelph girls did, this being their first official game and all. Also, everyone involved last night was awesome.”

The Chrome Mollys displayed offense and defense as they rolled to the 146-73 victory which thrilled everyone to no end. This Chrome Mollys first victory!

The night was filled with plenty of fast skating and down and derby action that belied any rookie RCRG league status.

The gameplan of the Royal City Veterans was to get under the skin of their opponents and agitate. And to that end, they more than succeeded. Creating part of the mayhem were Royal veteran presences P90X Cherry Paincakes, 0666 Waldow [former Debutante Vixcyn], 0669 Mandy Maggotbone and 26 Bonny BruisHer. Killer Queens Bonny BruiseHer fresh out of the TKO’s in Tri-City brought the TCRG philosophy to her new team in Royal City: “My job is to mess that pack up! whatever the opposing team is doing. I will get in there and wreck it! That’s what i was taught at Tri City and it works for me.”

The Debutantes tried to set the tone early, starting 5by5 Lee Way Wreck’Em on the jam. But Royal City had their way to the inside in the first half and the RCRG jammers who could really skate were doing well trying to keep the score close. The Debutantes rolled out their regular jammer rotation with #5by5 Lee Way Wreck’Em, Getcha Kicks, #27 Splat Benatar, #4 Tyranasaurus Rexy. Very rough and tumble it was in the trenches with hard and bruising hits.


The Derby Debutantes woke up in the second half after a talking to by Coach My-Call Bublé and put down the hammer, with Lee Way Wreck’Em scoring a 30 point jam of her own. “I have to credit my blocking line (Newfie Bullet, Sasha Fierce, Getcha Kicks and Gypsy Nose-Bleed) for doing the work to hold Royal City’s jammer back and open enough space for me to get through.”

5by5 Lee Way Wreck'Em on the way to 30 point jam

After a insubordination call and three minutes in the sinbin to a player who shall remain unnamed, the Debs coach was yelling at his players to keep it clean. Which fell into the Royal City gameplan of getting in the heads of their opposition.

However, said player also delivered the hits of the night. With both team packs at deadslow stop and Splat Benatar as jammer, waiting for the perfect spot in the wall to open, along came a streak of flying blonde hair that absolutely levelled the unsuspecting Royal.

Debutantes Lil Goon rumbled

#916 Lil Goon jamming for the Debutantes was thrown into the fray and everywhere she went trouble came her way from Royal City as she tried to make her way through the packs.

Lee Way again: “Royal City worked hard and showed that they have been learning a lot from each game they’ve played. It was also really nice to see Waldow (#0666), she used to play with the Debs until she moved away.”


So in the end the Debutantes rolled up the score 185-86 over the Royal City Veterans, but it was tough fought, and gave the zebras plenty of food for thought. The night all in all was a good test for the RCRG and maybe a surprise to the GTAR how far along their opponents had come [especially in comparison to a previous scrimmage at their practice space]. Even though the RCRG had just experienced its first full length bouts, Bonny BruiseHer from the Veterans says give us six months and people will take notice.

/… more to come

[stll more Royal City to come]

On other notes, it was good to see that the Rollergettes had a crowd present for their season opener with Durham. Rollergettes win 161-142! And it was just a year ago we were there to see the first ever Rollergettes match as Goldie and crew faced off against the Frenemies.

Nickel City Roller Derby opened their season against a mixed squad from Rideau Valley Roller Girls. Sister Slag in red faced a squad of RVRG that still had AK-47 Assassinista on their roster. Falling 197 to 25 is not bad at all.

Lil Trouble playing for New Hampshire Mad Missfits

Last, but not least for now: for the first Junior Roller Derby action at The Hangar, the ToRD Jr. Knicker Kickers lost narrowly to a rostered up squad from New Hampshire Mad Missfits. A star of the game was Lil Trouble [with deep connections to GTAR] who was divided into the Mad Missfits for the night . Way to go everybody!

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