GTA rumbles with Royal City

[quick note: this story is still in the writing and photo stage… I’ve just realized something: this is the first time I’ve seen a Debutantes victory in person.]

The teams of GTA got deep into a Royal Rumble with the Royal City Rollergirls from Guelph on a cool and rainy Saturday night. But inside, the action was more than hot and primed.

Royal City Rollergirls from Guelph came into the well-packed arena at Ted Reeve on a Saturday night more than ready to rumble against GTA who were officially launching their season. The crowd was more than ready to rumble as well.

While the quickly developing Royal City Rollergirls comprise three teams within their own league, what with Violet Uprising, Killer Queens and Our Ladies of Pain, the RCRG for the night divided into the Freshies and Veterans for the Royal Rumble. And according to Debutantes coach My-Call BublĂ© it would be the first official 60 minute bout for Royal City. So while the experience level difference might be vast, the ladies in the Royal colours would not be mismatched. With previous coaching help from some Toronto Roller Derby veterans and CN Power along with some input from Guelph vets, Royal City were ready to do their best. Continue reading “GTA rumbles with Royal City”