On with the show this is it!

Dim the lights
This is it
The night of nights

This is the long anticipated night or day for leagues everywhere today.

First notes first. One year ago tomorrow we were at our first Rollergettes bout. The fledgling Rollergettes led by Goldie were taking on a host of Frenemies consisting mainly of Toronto Roller Derby Smoke City Betties, D-VAS, some Gores and Chicks, and a Candy Sass from Hamilton. It has been a good year since…

Not only are there not one, not two, but THREE separate events happening in this city of Toronto today, but Nickel City up in Sudbury launches their brand new season and down in Queen City they are at the near climax of their season with their semi-finals.

In Toronto, the Rollergettes of WEWRA take on the Durham Region Roller Derby at Long Distance SHOVE Affair. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. at George Bell Arena. DRRD just did their WFTDA Minimums testing at the beginning of May, too to bring in their new skaters in line. Last year Durham Region took on the D-VAS of Toronto Roller Derby.

Meanwhile over at Ted Reeve Arena, GTA Rollergirls host the Royal Rumble featuring a split squad from Royal City. The night lauds the launch of the brand new Chrome Mollys against Royal City Freshies, then the Derby Debutantes take on the Royal City Vets. Doors open at 5. First game at 6 p.m.

And not that they really need this mention Toronto Roller Derby offers a double header with Toronto Junior Roller Derby taking on the Mad Missfits from New Hampshire. Then the main event would be Smoke City Betties fresh from Beast of the East taking on Beast finalists Gore Gore Rollergirls.

QCRG host their Queen City Cup Playoffs for their fifth season. The playoff doubleheader features 1 vs 4, 1 being Nickel City Knowkouts and 4 Suicidal Saucies, the defenders of the Cup. 2 vs. 3 has the Devil Dollies taking on the Alley Kats. Doors open at Rainbow Rink in North Tonawanda at 6 p.m. First bout at 7 p.m.

Up at the Azilda Arena in beautiful downtown Azilda, Nickel City’s home opener features Sister Slag in their third ever bout as they take on a squad from Rideau Valley Roller Girls.

Down in Windy City the Thunder expect to dominate as The Chicago Outfit take on Tri-City! in their home opener.

Somewhere in between, Thunder Bay launch their Canuck ‘Em Up season opener too against a team from Minnesota, Duluth’s Harbor City Roller Dames. Lush is playing at the after party [but we expect this is a different Lush].

Where are you going to be?