Loco for London LOCO – WIPE OUT sells out

If you are not headed east for Beast of the East this coming weekend then another worthy LOCO Derby event is happening up in London on Sunday May 1. Yeppirs, WIPE OUT = their first live bout initially SOLD OUT. But additional tickets have just been made available. So act accordingly.

The roller derby part is in support of the Sexual Assault Centre London [SACL] and LOCO were chosen to help support the SACL in raising money for their cause.

With all the major details on the locorollerderby.com site, the Derby part of the evening features the two teams of London LOCO: The Black Hearts and The Pretty Terrors. LOCO rules are in line with WFTDA with the addition rules such as major penalty for full momentum, overly aggressive body blocks that knock a skater to the ground and a minor if it only changes her position.”

Nia Capps sounds excited about it all and Sarah Smith, lead singer of The Joys has been added to the bill, singing the National Anthem. It’s not about teams winning or losing, “the losers will win the after party!”


We have previously written on this site about the formation of LOCO in Kitchener and London in an earlier story with Nia Capps.

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