La Racaille and Debutantes collide at Social Class Clash

DSC_7265, originally uploaded by Midnight Matinee 24.

Bone Machine urging La Racaille on in the clash with Derby Debutantes

This story is still in the creation stage …

It was another clash of the classes as the rabble rousing La Racaille ventured down the road from Montreal for the first time to bout with the Debutantes of GTAR for supremacy at Social Class Clash. The bout held at the Ted Reeve Arena Bubble on the weekend of the 16th of April was a bone chilling [literally] affair filled with the promise and threat of speed on both sides.


Team Introductions

It may have been with no small measure of relief for the Debutantes that Bone Machine was back with her old team for the night—Canada’s #3 house team La Racaille—only as bench coach. It could have been quite the roster too if former Racaille Iron Wench, No Holds Barrd,  Lyndah Kicks [and Bone Machine] were not now all permanently rostered with New Skids on the Block. But La Racaille still held the likes of Sexpos’ K-Dawg, Sparkle ‘n Maim, Squarrior and their new bloods were not without their own imminent menace on the roster of ten for the night.


However, for the Derby Debutantes [ranked #21 house team on], it had been a long winter scrimmaging and beating the hell out of each other and Chrome Mollys. Memories of their last exhibition match [with a mixed roster of RVRG and GTAR] down in Green Mountain were a season ago. Scrimmages with Royal City, participation in Blood & Thunder and the RVRG Black & White game and other opportunities to skate proved useful and a chance to get Derby legs going.

So with the arrival of April, the Debs brought it on, deciding to face Slaughter Daughters and Montreal in back to back pre-season matches. The Derby Debutantes encounter at Parliament Kill featuring the RVRG Slaughter Daughters on the 9th of April was a bruising wake-up call for the team.


Parliament Kill and Social Class Clash showed different aspects of blocking and play— there’s blocking to take out and then there’s blocking to take out. Slaughter Daughters held an advantage over the Debutantes in terms of physical size and RVRG as a whole after learning their own lessons from Quad City Chaos came out hungry when they took on the Debutantes. The attendant score was the result. Then came Montreal.

Debs captain Splat Benatar says: “The weekend [with La Racaille] was a huge step for the Debs, I believe with these two pre-season games we can get in shape for the Beast and our up and coming 2011 season.”

The Debs had only one week to regroup and one practice later they were due to face their next opponent La Racaille [the number two team out of three in Montreal Roller Derby, Filles du Roi being number one and Contrabanditas in the third spot]. Nonetheless, it is a rare treat to face an actual Montreal league team in your home arena.


La Racaille led by captain [and former Skids] Wrath Poutine and K-Dawg [also of the other MTLRD travelling team Montreal Sexpos] came in with a lineup of ten as their challenge to the Debutantes. Although they are called La Racaille they were silently effective on the track with that Montreal communication and precision style of play.


“The Daughters shook the rust from our skates and knocked the cobwebs out of our brains. So when it came to the La Racaille game we worked together as a team.”

On game day, the Debutantes had a quick switch in positions as Captain Splat Benatar confined herself to coaching alongside renamed coach My-Call Bublé. eSkimo Jo in her unaccustomed number 7334 switched from Mollys mode to Debutantes as blocker, and #916 Lil’ Goon made her debut as jammer on the roster of the Debutantes.


Splat Benatar: “The first half the Debs were in control of their game but as the second half wore on, La Racaille made the necessary adjustments to secure a good lead and finally overtook the Debs to win the game.”
With #27 out, the Debutantes jammer rotation threw onto the line with no holding back Captain for the night 5by5 Lee Way Wreck ‘Em, co-captain #76 Getcha Kicks being used to full advantage, #4 Tyrannasaurus Rex and #1000 Canadian Psycho who probably played her finest game with the Debs. Lee Way Wreck’em played a larger role this bout after only jamming once against Slaughter Daughters the week before [albeit still taking on the Daughters as blocker], managing to score the first point of the game along with a 15 point 5by5 jam. Hopes and eyebrows were raised by more than a little as players and spectators looked up at the scoreboard and saw an apparent 32 to 5 Debutantes lead.


Then La Racaille stepped up their gear with their style of tight positional possession of the track and upper hand in control of pack speed; seasoned green walls with a formidable presence of Tempting Fate and Wrath Poutine on pivot, Squarrior [also jammer] and Mel El Juana alongside Mechante Grarnotte and Greta Bobo [who also jams]; La Racaille’s angular blocking came into play forcing Debutantes to the edges of the track.DSC_7360

The action was still competitive with doublethreat hits from Psycho and Sasha Fierce, Newfie Bullet and the rest of the red walls looking out everywhere. The comparative newcomers to the Debutantes Brickhouse Bardot and Mollys Eskimo Jo were spirited injections into the lineup causing spills and finally Lil’ Goon was thrown into the fray.


The Debutantes had scored a moral victory with Lee Way Wreck’Em piling on as many points for the team as Debutantes had scored against Slaughter Daughters the week before. The final score for Social Class Clash finally adjusted was 141-80.

It was in the eyes of this observer that this team, the Derby Debutantes acquitted themselves proud and this was one shining moment – mind you that we have not seen the victories at Beast or elsewhere out of the city – but all those practices and scrimmages over the wintry cold had borne fruit.

Onward and upward to the future!

“We hopefully will get a second chance to play La Racaille in the near future. They were an amazing team on and off the track and we would have them back anytime they wish.
I am so proud of the Debs and how far they have come in such a short time. Our insurgence of players has breathed new life into our team and I am looking forward to the future.”


Splat one more time:
“Our next home game will be Royal Rumble on May 14 our first double-header, the Debs and Mollys take on Royal City Rollergirls, from Guelph.
“This season is full of excitement and new beginnings for GTAR. We have our new Mollys with a full season and their first entrance into the Beast, Our New Debs and Vet Debs are taking the track this season and working it out, our new G-Stars travel team is competing in the Blood Spill on the Hill, CWRDA East Championship tournament June 17-19 and we have a new ref crew that we are very thankful for all their hard work and dedication that they show to our league.”

/…. more to come

And then there was birthday cake. Thanks all you GTA Rollergirls! And many thanks to Casey for her excellent behind the camera [left us great footage to watch and edit] and commentary.

all content copyright © midnight matinee

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