La Racaille and Debutantes collide at Social Class Clash

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Bone Machine urging La Racaille on in the clash with Derby Debutantes

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It was another clash of the classes as the rabble rousing La Racaille ventured down the road from Montreal for the first time to bout with the Debutantes of GTAR for supremacy at Social Class Clash. The bout held at the Ted Reeve Arena Bubble on the weekend of the 16th of April was a bone chilling [literally] affair filled with the promise and threat of speed on both sides.


Team Introductions

It may have been with no small measure of relief for the Debutantes that Bone Machine was back with her old team for the night—Canada’s #3 house team La Racaille—only as bench coach. It could have been quite the roster too if former Racaille Iron Wench, No Holds Barrd,  Lyndah Kicks [and Bone Machine] were not now all permanently rostered with New Skids on the Block. But La Racaille still held the likes of Sexpos’ K-Dawg, Sparkle ‘n Maim, Squarrior and their new bloods were not without their own imminent menace on the roster of ten for the night.


However, for the Derby Debutantes [ranked #21 house team on], it had been a long winter scrimmaging and beating the hell out of each other and Chrome Mollys. Memories of their last exhibition match [with a mixed roster of RVRG and GTAR] down in Green Mountain were a season ago. Scrimmages with Royal City, participation in Blood & Thunder and the RVRG Black & White game and other opportunities to skate proved useful and a chance to get Derby legs going.

So with the arrival of April, the Debs brought it on, deciding to face Slaughter Daughters and Montreal in back to back pre-season matches. The Derby Debutantes encounter at Parliament Kill featuring the RVRG Slaughter Daughters on the 9th of April was a bruising wake-up call for the team.
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