Parliament Kill in GTAR – Derby Debutantes vs. Rideau Valley Slaughter Daughters

Parliament Kill in action

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Parliament Kill in action on my Midnight Matinee Flickr site


It was as flawless an exhibition of Derby as one could see as Rideau Valley’s Slaughter Daughters came to town to visit the GTA Rollergirls Derby Debutantes. In a pre-season match at Ted Reeve Arena’s Bubble the Slaughter Daughters executed their plays with precision in a very spirited affair that was not sans spills and huge hits that could be expected in any match against Rideau Valley. The Slaughter Daughters are a large component of the Vixens team from Quad City Chaos 2011 and together just as the Slaughter Daughters were even more unified and brought in what they had learned going against the likes of the boisterous Tri-City Thunder, speedy CN Power and the mighty undefeated [at the Quad City Chaos 2011 tourney] New Skids on the Block.

Debutantes Captain Splat Benatar and the rest of the Debutantes knew they were facing a formidable team and task.

“We knew going in that this game was going to be a big challenge for the Derby Debs but we took it on as a learning experience to gear us up for our new season. Our 2011 Debs are a mixture of third season vets with last year’s Chrome Mollys making up the roster. The Slaughter Daughters are a very experienced team. They gel well together to control our pack and jammers. We can also learn a great deal from their wall breaking skills. They kept us apart from the start of the first whistle so our Debs could not get organized enough to put up a defense.

“I was very proud of the Debs, they held on and scored some points even with the loss of injured players. We have the drive and I always say you sometimes learn more from your losses then your victories.”

In the deep cold freeze of the Bubble which made for a difficult to stop surface, the Debutantes learned their lessons well. Afterwards, their self-analysis was thorough [and totally off the record] as they noted the actions and hits of the likes of #658 Surgical Strike, 10KT Semi-Precious, speedy and hard to knock down jammers 55 Soul Rekker [who did not enter into the second half] and 74 DDT. Seeing Sister Disaster on the line. Trying to avoid Drunky Brewster and finding oneself instead against walls of black of the likes of Surgical Strike and Assassinsta. The Debs were not without their own highlights. Canadian Psycho’s 17points and a jam of amazing endurance that drew kudos even from the Slaughter Daughters, Getcha Kicks sailing into the air, Tyrannosaurus Rexy gaining lead status twice, Brickhouse Bardot being thrown in as jammer along with Gypsy into the mix. As noted on one of their comments, the Debs were well deserving of every one of their 28 points they earned on the track.


Although it was the major one-sided victory for the Slaughter Daughters on the track, it was all one big happy danceoff at the afterparty at Prohibition.

This coming Saturday the feisty and speedy La Racaille from Montreal Roller Derby come to meet the Debs at Ted Reeve Arena for Social Class Clash. La Racaille’s roster has changed from last year with the loss of members to New Skids on the Block and other stories, but they could still bring the likes of captain and former Skids Wrath Poutine along with K-Dawg, Izzy Skellington or Squarrior just to name a few.

“As for La Racaille, well, that’s another derby story. We are so proud that La Racaille is coming to Toronto. This will be La Racaille’s first away game to Ontario ever! La Racaille also represent a team with many experienced players so the match up is a little tough for us but it’s another chance to learn and see if we can make adjustments to our team on the fly. I guess we Debs love a challenge!”


/… more to come

Now that the moment is here:


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