Happy Birthday Queen City Roller Girls!

Preamble: For five years, Queen City Roller Girls have been fanning the flames and spreading the good word about their league. Although they have hosted the likes of Hammer City and Montreal in the past, QCRG started coming north to this part of the world. Last year’s Fresh and Furious tournament [hosted by GTA Rollergirls] consisted of two bouts featuring the debut of Chrome Mollys and other new skaters in their inaugural or their second match from across the province and across the border [and across the pond]. One of the leagues represented was the Queen City Roller Girls from Buffalo, NY. More attention was brought to bear upon QCRG as the Nickel City Knockouts hit the road to play Thames Fatales, then their travel team Lake Effect Furies came north twice – the first time they brrrrrought the Ice Ice Baby theme to the New Hamburg arena in a well-contended narrow loss against Tri-City Thunder. However, the Furies turned it around and showed their winning form later that year against CN Power at The Hangar in Toronto. Throughout, the ambassadors of Queen City showed great friendliness and let their personalities and sportmanship shine on and off the track [as can be evidenced from various shenanigans with Forest City and elsewhere].


When QCRG skaters were asked to provide the background of the league and the 5th birthday celebrations, all who were asked deferred to Sissy Fit, a formidable jammer and blocker with the Suicidal Saucies and renowned as the founder of Queen City Roller Girls. Thanks to Sissy Fit for her generous words. Continue reading “Happy Birthday Queen City Roller Girls!”