The remarkable team from Nickel City Roller Derby have kindly provided this next installment of life in their league: their adventure to Toronto, and provided an overview into the runnings of NCRD in a land far far away called Sudbury, Ontario. Back in February, NCRD president and “Derby Mama” Madam Von Carnage provided part one of the story Sister Slag Prepares to Rock Toronto. Welcome to part 2.


Becky Madam Von Carnage Taylor, [above] President of NCRD and #69 on the Sister Slag.

[RECAP: Nickel City Roller Derby sent their travelling team Sister Slag all the way to Toronto to bout against Toronto Roller Derby team, the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad or D-VAS on the last Saturday of February. They were scheduled to play before the headliner match between Killamazoo Derby Darlins and CN Power. SIster Slag in their second ever bout proceeded to give the D-VAS “a very tough match.” Sister Slag’s Low Ride Her due to injury was forced to watch from the sideline, benchcoaching along with Executive Bomber, her stomach muscles tight with knots due to the tension of the game. The final score belies the closeness of the match where the D-VAS won 71-38. Look out for the rematch coming on June 18th in Nickel City territory.]


(FEBRUARY 26, 2011)


Well, you’d think with the bigger crowd there would be more nerves but actually it helped me ease my nerves….guess playing in London helped that for me.
DSC_4166-Edit TORD was amazing to us as we expected. We felt comfortable being there, not at all intimidated being our second bout and all…The game freakin rocked! We kept a close game for almost the whole bout. The DVAS definitely made us work hard. With being new, sometimes it’s difficult to know what to expect, but NCRD is a league that definitely learns from actual experience of the game. That is why being only a year on skates, we are throwing ourselves right in, taking every opportunity given to us. 



NCRD is filled with a great group of ladies and of course our few guys, and for a new sport for Sudbury our support has and continues to be phenomenal! We even have a major radio station sponsoring us HOT 93.5! We want to give Sudbury something different yet positive, especially focusing on empowering women and getting Sudbury more physically active. There is a lot of hype based around our home opener May 14th! 

It’s very exciting! This is where Sister Slag gets to show Sudbury exactly who they are on Sudbury soil. We are bouting against a team from Rideau Valley that night and are looking to sell out!We are hoping to be a main source of entertainment for the whole family here in the Sudbury region. It’s adorable when “preteen girls” (who most likely saw us in our Santa Claus Parade this past November) recognize our derby shirts and point and squeal!

We really want to make a positive impact in our city, by fundraising and volunteering. Sudbury is a great city, filled with great people for that alone we need to represent.

NCRD Runs…. 

From the moment we started, the Board of Director’s ran the league…I ([Becky] President), Executive Bomber (Vice President) and Dirt Devil (Secretary). We started expanding so then we added Refbot (Treasurer). Now as NCRD continues to grow, we will be putting forth committees to take some pressure off of us and to allow more skater involvement.

[There are now three teams in the NCRD league: along with the travelling team Sister Slag, there are two home teams the Sudbetties and Smelter Skelter bouting in homerink Azilda Arena. As with Derby leagues everywhere, there is the perpetual balance of space and practice time.]

Julie Desormeaux of NCRD continues the story.

“Becky, Adam and Elle have worked to bring this kick ass game to Sudbury. How much work there is in taking something like this and building it from the ground up, both physically and mentally, I don’t think they realize sometimes how much we (the girls) appreciate everything they’ve done, the hours they’ve put in, all the late nights filling out forms and emailing people, talking to people on the phone, even getting some of them to come here, like Tush. It is very much appreciated.”
“For the most part the practices are separate. Because of our space we don’t have room to have all the girls practice at once. Adam was lucky to get the space that we have right now, it was a former hockey arena that was converted into a cabinet factory, and the new owners where nice enough to rent it to us for the winter, but we don’t have full use of it, we have about of quarter of the space, so enough to skate and do practices for about 20 girls give or take but not enough for the full league. Everyone has a set day to skate. Some of the rookies show for fresh meat practices and I go one of the team practices other then the fresh meat, and then everyone is invited to league skate.The problem for us here in Sudbury is that there is very little space available, hockey takes up most of the arenas here until april / may. Once the weather gets nice we do outdoor practices.”



There must be something in the air up there for more happy events ahead in Nickey City very soon in the Nickel City. Best wishes to all!

NCRD has 3 upcoming marriages taking place in 2011!

Dirt Devil and Refbot – Mar 19.11
Madam Von Carnage and Executive Bomber – July 30.11
Low Ride Her and Scott – July 30.11


NCRD hit the road for their first two dates spreading the word of Derby from the North. And now the world is coming to bout with Nickel City too!

Sister Slag vs. Rideau Valley
(Azilda Arena)
May 29
Sister Slag vs. Sault Roller Derby
(Espanola Arena)
June 12
NCRD’s Home Teams Smelter Skelter vs. Sudbetties
(Azilda Arena)
June 18
Sister Slag vs. DVAS
(Azilda Arena)
July 9
Sister Slag vs. Thunder Bay
(Azilda Arena)
July 24
NCRD’s Home Teams Smelter Skelter vs. Sudbetties
(Azilda Arena)
August 6
Sister Slag vs. FCDG (London)
(Azilda Arena)
Aug 20
Thunder Bay vs. Sister Slag
(Thunder Bay)