DSC_5893 – Quad City Chaos 2011

DSC_5893, originally uploaded by Midnight Matinee 24.

Tri City Thunder in furious battle with CN Power in the last bout of Quad City Chaos 2011 on the last Sunday afternoon in March.The sun was out but the Thunder was in full force.

/… story to follow

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DSC_3129 – Quad City Chaos 2011

DSC_3129, originally uploaded by Midnight Matinee 24.Thunder!


Two long days and nights of Derby bliss and aches that is Quad City Chaos madness.

Four fabulous teams brought together to showcase their incredible Derby skills and to learn from each other and test their best.

The hosts Toronto Roller Derby with their home all-star team CN Power brought back Montreal New Skids on the Block, and two new guests to Quad City Chaos: the Thunder from Tri-City and the Vixens from Rideau Valley.

So the teams took to the track to warm up before their bout and this moment happened. Zero time to compose. Just aim.

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From Canada with Derby Love! Part 2: GAME TIME! by Sloppy Boggins

GTA Rollergirls
Stockholm Roller Derby

Trying to picture a train across the Atlantic. I took a cruise across the Baltic and that was like a crappy Vegas bus.

Preamble: After heading up north from the Austin Rollergirls where Derby was reborn, Sloppy Boggins found company coaching amongst the GTA Rollergirls. After lending his guiding hand to GTAR, it was a sad day when Sloppy left to continue coaching in Sweden. In his first installment, Sloppy wrote about his introduction to coaching Derby with Stockholm Roller Derby (STRD). Now Sloppy has kindly written this second installment of his Derby ventures with STRD and an exciting chapter in Swedish Derby.

Game time!

We Won!!! And then we lost. In derby there is rarely suspense when it comes to who won or lost. Unlike other sports it is not the most important part of a weekend when a bout takes place. A win or a loss—it isn’t what you savour years down the road. It’s all about how you played as a team and how fun the experience was. And if that is the gauge, then both bouts were awesome!!!

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On the roll with Peterborough

Lucid Lou has rolled with Toronto Roller Derby since Derby began to seep into the consciousness of the city and started its first season in 2007. Wearing the distinctive #12:34 Lucid Lou has been a huge part of the Death Track Dolls wall as pivot and blocker. Now she is spreading the sport to another part of the province beyond. Continue reading “On the roll with Peterborough”

Brief ramble

Thanks to everyone and everywhere who has contributed to these WordPress pages.

The latest additions have included another edition of Sloppy Boggins [still badly missed by GTAR and hopefully he comes back someday] Derby Life in Sweden, Lucid Lou of Toronto Roller Derby and Death Track Dolls [and seen dancing on stage with Juliette Lewis], and now president and co-founder of Peterborough Roller Derby League giving insight into her new baby, and Derby Mama Madam Von Carnage of Nickel City Roller Derby provides part two of Sister Slag’s adventures into ToRD and The Hangar for their most recent bout [and second ever].

Wedding bells ring today for Dirt Devil while on a totally different stage at Lee’s Palace, Dread Queen Bitch at 10 p.m., Spitfist scheduled for 11 p.m. opening up for White Cowbell Oklahama on at midnight.

The other TCRG the real Thunder look to DMN8! in Rockford.

Good luck to both teams with QCRG’s Lake Effect Furies facing Montreal’s New Skids on the Block on Sunday. But first it’s QCRG in Burlington, Vermont tonight for their Bad Reputation bout. Plus Thames Fatales are crossing the border for their second encounter with the red and white of Mid Michigan Derby Girls. It should be big hitting fun tonight.


So it seems Canadian derby teams really left their mark on our neighbors to the south this weekend. Thames Fatales vs Mid-Michigan 168-71, Tri-City Thunder vs Rockford Rage 191-28 and The New Skids vs Lake Effect Furies 302-24 Congrats to all!!


One more week til Quad City Chaos. O joy.


The remarkable team from Nickel City Roller Derby have kindly provided this next installment of life in their league: their adventure to Toronto, and provided an overview into the runnings of NCRD in a land far far away called Sudbury, Ontario. Back in February, NCRD president and “Derby Mama” Madam Von Carnage provided part one of the story Sister Slag Prepares to Rock Toronto. Welcome to part 2.


Becky Madam Von Carnage Taylor, [above] President of NCRD and #69 on the Sister Slag.

[RECAP: Nickel City Roller Derby sent their travelling team Sister Slag all the way to Toronto to bout against Toronto Roller Derby team, the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad or D-VAS on the last Saturday of February. They were scheduled to play before the headliner match between Killamazoo Derby Darlins and CN Power. SIster Slag in their second ever bout proceeded to give the D-VAS “a very tough match.” Sister Slag’s Low Ride Her due to injury was forced to watch from the sideline, benchcoaching along with Executive Bomber, her stomach muscles tight with knots due to the tension of the game. The final score belies the closeness of the match where the D-VAS won 71-38. Look out for the rematch coming on June 18th in Nickel City territory.]


WINNING! Chicks Ahoy! sail away with first win of ToRD 2011 season

DSC_7242, originally uploaded by Midnight Matinee 24.

For fans of Chicks Ahoy! it is all about “WINNING!” Chicks Ahoy! who were last year’s finalists at the ToRD Championship final for the Boot looked to maintain form. Even with the loss of veterans such as Mach Wheels, the team felt revitalized with the injection of new talent such as Kookie Dough, Tess D’Urb-Evil. It keeps the team feeling young and the fresh rookies are someone you can tell Derby war stories to.


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Smoke City Betties looking good for the weekend




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Here come the Betties ready for 2011

aving finally savoured the taste victory up in Rideau Valley against the Riot Squad, the refreshed yet again Smoke City Betties go up against the rejuvenated Chicks Ahoy! on Saturday at The Hangar.

With new bench coaches Sneaky Tease, The Count and Shaun Fletcher and a squad strengthened both by experience and another infusion of new talent, the black and blue Betties are looking good for the weekend.

How Shaun Fletcher who is a new to the team bench coach has injected sports enthusiasm and made a squad of ladies listen to him is intriguing. That’s the secret for Saturday that we will find out. Team discipline is good but will it prevail against experience.

The keys to the new squad are four-foid as dictated by Fletcher:

“The sports mentality and skills I am attempting to instill in the team are:

  • Consistency. It’s one thing to make a great play or lay a good hit. Successful players and teams are those who make good plays a constant.
  • Work ethic. Becoming a good skater happens before hitting the track. Many have the opinion that coming to skate is way to get into shape. However, competing and winning at a higher level requires preparing yourself mentally and physically away from the track.
  • Competitiveness. Being competitive is not a skill that can really be taught. It is more like a disease that can be infectious.

And most importantly…

  • Esprit de Corp. The spirit of a group that makes the members want the group to succeed.”

Now that the Betties have a victory under their belt, they can be more than encouraged.