President MadamVonCarnage #69 and Sister Slag in Forest City – October 2, 2010

This weekend Sister Slag the travelling contingent from Sudbury comes all the way down representing Nickel City Roller Derby at The Hangar in Toronto to square off against Toronto Roller Derby’s newest squad of D-VAS.

It’s not the first time members of Nickel City have been to The Hangar, having driven all the way down to see the ToRD playoffs in 2010 or fully participated in Blood & Thunder Bootcamp and one member #99 Low Ride Her picked as jammer for Black Mamba!

There must be something in the water up there in the Nickel City. Just last summer on July 24 teams from GTA Rollergirls in the guise of the Derby Debutantes took part in an exhibition bout against Thames Fatales in Sudbury’s Dr. Edgar Leclair Community Centre/Arena in Azilda to showcase the sport of Derby before what seemed to be a crowd of 600 energized by the display of brutalbeauty. GTAR remembers whatever memorabilia they brought being quickly sold out.

The final score is of little matter [and the afterparty is a fuzzy memory whether GTAR won that one] but the match made the news.

Then three months later on the second October night Sudbury after sacrificing many a bruise and rink rash laid down their inner Derbygrrl before the crowd in Forest City territory where we were there firsthand to witness the debut of Sudbury’s all-star team Sister Slag against the fresh Luscious Lunch Ladies. Their first match was a display of two teams trying to play big-time big hit Derby with surprising speed by the jammers on both sides. Sister Slag coach Executive Bomber who has a hockey background set the tone for the team – in full roar trying to get his team to execute. After Blood & Thunder bootcamp in December, NCRD took a brief hiatus from skating but launched again into high gear, getting grassroots organization growing and even bringing in Neon Skates Georgia W. Tush to lay down the law. And now the long-anticipated weekend awaits. Nickel City Rollergirls Sister Slag and the Toronto Roller Derby D-VAS.

Sister Slag
Becky von Carnage aka Derby Mama to her team remembers Rollergirls as the catalyst for bringing out her inner mama and passion for Derby. She provides some of her insight into the Derby life in Sudbury [along with a few words from Julie (“I think everyone should have one person that they can beat the hell out of, at least once a day for a week or two”) Desormeaux at the end].

Derby Mama has the floor.

There was a documentary on A&E years ago called Rollergirls; that’s what piqued my interest in the sport. I used to be very reserved and quiet and dreamt of the day I could let my wild side out but never felt it would be possible, then after leaving a bad marriage, yadda yadda yadda, and finding a man who supports me in everything I do, I brought derby here. So I guess I have Executive Bomber to thank for making me who I am now!
Derby has taken over every aspect of my being, [laughing] and my love for the sport increases more with every injury I endure.

It is amazing to be starting our season with a double header out in TO. Going against the TORD DVAS is an honour since we haven’t been on skates for even a year yet!

To prepare for this bout we have been working hard, practicing 3 hours per week with Sister Slag and also with our home teams Smelter Skelter and Sudbetties and any extra skate time we can get. We have a great coach “Executive Bomber” and I’m not saying that because he’s my fiancé [laughing]. He actually is harder on me (which I asked for). After a 3 hour Sister Slag practice our bodies ache and our legs are like jello. There is no screwing around with the coach at Sister Slag practice or else everyone suffers, be it squats or laps, lol. Mentally preparing for the bout can be a challenge since we haven’t played in many bouts yet but I am sure it will come. At this point we are just trying to put ourselves on the Roller Derby map by learning from our successes and/or our mistakes. We are a great little family here in the north and I am so happy I decided to take this insane leap to start this crazy amazing sport here in Sudbury.

Life as a derby girl…
One crazy ass freaken ride! Some people are scared of me because they think I’m a hardcore derby biatch, others envy me and say that they wish they weren’t such a whiny princess. My kids think I’m the best & coolest mama ever!

Derby is my life…besides my kids, everything else comes second.

Jade Desormeaux who is unfortunately staying behind in Nickel City says:

“With the new additions to the team, they’ve become a more well-rounded group. Not to say there weren’t before but now they are just that much better. Some of the new girls like Merry Death who is a very solid skater and a hard hitter should do well. Sister Slag will Rock Toronto!

So come on down to The Hangar this weekend for Sister Slag’s second ever bout. Opposition for the night will be ToRD’s newest look D-VAS to be followed by CN Power taking on Killamazoo Derby Darlins, both teams are recently accepted WFTDA Apprentices so look for a bout with high speed and old style big hitting.


midnightmatinee63’s FCDG Luscious Lunch Ladies vs. NCRD Sister Slag photoset 


midnightmatinee64’s FCRG Luscious Lunch Ladies [home] vs. NCRD Sister Slag [away] – Set B photoset