GTA Rollergirls state of play for 2011


the release of the new home date schedule of GTA Rollergirls, it appears the long treks to Ottawa by  their two teams last year have paid off and been reciprocated this year with both squads from WFTDA Apprentice league Rideau Valley Roller Girls teams – Slaughter Daughters and Riot Squad – coming down to GTAR this year to rumble against the Derby Debutantes.

click on picture for larger view of schedule

Splat Benatar

who wears the distinctive red helmet and 27 is also excited about taking on RVRG.

Debs start off first with the Slaughter Daughters from RVRG on April 2, at the Ted Reeve bubble. Then we take on the RVRG’s Riot Squad on June 11 at Ted Reeve Arena and from there we travel to Ottawa for August 13 on Riot Squad’s home turf. In my estimation these games will be epic. The Slaughters are very much like their namesake, they Slaughter you on the track. We are training hard for this game. The Riot Squad is also a great team and we feel that this game will be a nail bitter, close in score and down to the wire for the winner.” While last year’s Chrome Mollys took on the Riot Squad, it was felt this time the current edition would still need more experience before taking on RVRG.

On Derby Debutantes bouting both the Slaughter Daughters and Riot Squad, Debutantes vet Getcha Kicks who bears the number 76 on her uniform comments: “The RVRG skaters are tough and talented competitors on the track, but one of the friendliest teams off the track; for that, GTAR really loves the RVRG league. The Slaughter Daughters were eliminated early in the Beast of the East tournament last year, but that experience seems to have motivated them to bond as a team and rise to the next level. They have since proven that they are the team to beat in this region.”

GK goes on to say: “The Debutantes are looking forward to playing the Riot Squad this year since our Chrome Mollys team fought a highly defensive bout against them last summer. Many of last years Mollys are now Debutantes, so it should be an interesting ‘rematch’. I certainly know RVRG’s ‘Death From Below‘ has been waiting a long time for this bout.”

In between the two Rideau Valley bouts is the fabled Beast of the East at Montreal this year at the end of April. Two years ago at the second Beast of the East 2009 featuring 16 teams including a MTLRD final where La Racaille who emerged victorious over Les Contrabanditas], the Derby Debutantes encountered the Hamilton Harlots falling 69 to 6 then in the second round were knocked out by the Vicious Dishes 61-20. Last year the Debutantes turned it around and avenged their losses at the third annual Beast of the East 2010 [taken overall by FDR] in the double knockout tournament. Although the Debutantes fell to the Gore Gore Rollergirls in the first round 43-20 they in the second round surprisingly to most knocked the Death Track Dolls out the Beast by a 38-29 score. In the third round the Debs were out falling 52-24 to the Vicious Dishes of Tri-City. However, they had served notice that GTAR was a league out there not to be taken lightly.

will get busier at ths year’s Beast for GTAR and Splat Benatar with both the Debutantes and the Chrome Mollys entering the Beast of the East 2011 compounding her headaches for she will be triple threat involved with carrying the mantle of Captain of the Debs, bench coach of the Chrome Mollys as well as playing on the track.

“For our sister team the Chrome Mollys this is their first time at the Beast of the East. The experience of the Beast is invaluable. As a player you get two or more games of 20 minutes each to hone your derby skills, and as a team you learn to gel quickly. There really is little recovery time so you have to correct any mistakes that you are making on the fly.”

About the rest of the GTAR schedule for the year Splat Benatar says: “For some of the Debs this will be their third season coming up at Ted Reeve arena. For most of the Mollys this will be their first season. We are very excited about the development of our two teams. We also have more games this year and an extended season. We now run from April 2 to August 20, since we have rented Ted Reeve and the Bubble beside the arena. I am really looking forward to all of our games and our first ever double header at Ted Reeve Arena. Saturday, May 14 will be our season opener our Derby Debs and Chrome Mollys take on two teams from the Royal City Rollergirls, Guelph.”

GTAR has a history of hosting multi team fresh talent tournaments at Ted Reeve Arena what with Virgin Suicides Brawl [that included participation from the London Thrashers and Thames Fatales, Vicious Dishes and Venus Fly Tramps from Tri-City, the Death Row Dames from Hamilton, Blackhearts from Ottawa and the Debutantes] and Fresh and Furious [with many fresh players in their first bout from Sault, Ottawa, Queen City [Buffalo, NY], ARR, WEWRA and others blending together and the victorious debut of the Chrome Mollys].

Hot on the heels of last year’s Fresh & Furious comes the sequel 2 Fresh 2 Furious on July 9.

“This is our third season of having a Freshies tournament. Our first was the ‘Virgin Suicides’ and last year was our Fresh and Furious tournament. For this year’s 2 Fresh 2 Furious we are having the event at our two venues. The tournament will be going on both at Ted Reeve Arena and the Bubble simultaneously. We are expecting as many as 11 leagues to participate. For the past three years our freshies event has received many requests to continue the legacy and our league is very happy to be a starting point in many derby gals careers.”

With Derby exploding everywhere, the Chrome Mollys will be hosting the new leagues from Royal City [Guelph], Belle City [Brantford] and later taking on Peterborough [which is being guided by Death Track Dolls Lucid Lou].

Before there could be a schedule, there has to be teams and to that end GTAR released the names on its roster for the two squads this year: the Derby Debutantes a mix of the veterans and last year’s Mollys, and the Chrome Mollys who are mostly new yet retaining some experience to provide leadership and example. And by no means are all the Mollys new on skates.

The Derby Debutantes will consist of more seasoned vets such as Canadian Psycho, Getcha Kicks, Lee Way Wreck’em, Pinky Tuffadero, Gypsy Nose-Bleed, Leather Locklear, Sasha Fierce, Newfie Bullet, the returns of Maykilla the Hun, Hissy Curlington, captained by Splat Benatar complemented by the likes of Tootsie LaRue, Elle Dorado, Brickhouse Bardot, Dixie Wrecked, Taranosurous Rex, while the new edition of Chrome Mollys are the two staypatriots The Krow and eSkimo Jo alongside Gory Hart, Betty Slaughter, Meryl Reap, Wretched Gretchen, Rosemary’s Rabbies, Boo Boo Bear, Chevy Chase-Her, Chili Bean, Prairie Fire, Riley Rage, Beaver Mansbridge, and Jill Feral all ready to give ‘er all on the track!

There is great pride in GTAR “of what the GTA Rollergirls has become,” says Splat Benatar. “So many talented skaters have joined us this year. Our Debs are now a combination of vets and former Chrome Mollys and our 2011 Mollys are made up of some vet Mollys and brand new players. We are all working hard together developing our skills. As a vet player having new players skate with you makes you feel a thrill again. You look at derby through their eyes. How it’s all brand new and you can pass down your knowledge and help them correct mistakes that you made as a newbie. I could not be happier with how the league has grown over the three seasons. When I started derby this is what I thought it would be, so all my derby wishes and dreams have come true with this great bunch of women and men that are the GTAR.”

To kickstart the season GTAR are holding their Down N Derby fundraiser on March 12th at the El Mocambo. Ten dollars at the door with CWRDA card carrying derby players get a discount – and the bar is licensed till 4 a.m.

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