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    the new Derby Season going into swing thought it would be a good idea that instead of my musings it would be better to feature the thoughts of the real stars of the game—the players. Turning now to Justine Sane.

    I have the theme song from Rocky in my head.
    Is it in your head now too? 

    Brief preamble: Justine Sane was not someone you wished to be on the receiving end of a hit—”She hit me so hard it ratttled my teeth,” remembers GTA Rollergirl jammer Lee Way Wreck’Em ruefully and nobody ever manages to hit 5by5 full force—whether during a bout or in practice at GTAR. Justine Sane proudly wore the blue and white of Chrome Mollys at Fresh and Furious—wore the red and black of Derby Debutantes against Thames Fatales. Against the WEWRA Rollergettes she has played as a Molly and a Deb. She was part of the mixed Mollys/Debs squad that tilted against the Riot Squad in Ottawa.

    Then came the move and through it all she stayed with Derby with a transition to the new league in Belle City.


    hy do I play roller derby?

    Because I can’t sing or dance! Actually that is what Rocky Balboa said when he was asked why he boxes. Maybe he just doesn’t know. That is kind of how I feel. I can’t really say why I started derby. I have no skating history, so I can’t really pinpoint what drew me to derby, maybe it was the whole personas, or the clothes, or the idea of hitting people, I don’t know. I just saw it, and knew I had to do it. The first time I knocked someone on their ass was the coolest feeling ever! Actually hitting someone and feeling that strong hit back—that equal match of strength where neither of us go down, we just absorb the raw power and feel it course through our veins—that’s a pretty close second.

    Chrome Mollys

    Chrome Mollys vs. Rollergettes

    My very first bout, I hit someone, and she went flying, I looked up and saw fans in the suicides raising their hands to cheer, instinctively I started to raise my hands and cheer too – then I got embarrassed and dropped them! It was cool, and new, and weird to have people cheering for something I did, I was hooked!

    Belle City Rollergirls

    had to be away from derby for a couple months because of my regular life, and there was a strong tug and pull to get me back. I missed being away from it, and I won’t be choosing to leave any time soon. The derby hook doesn’t grab you just once, it keeps grabbing. Every month, or week, I feel gains in my strength, in my skating, and in my derby mind.


    the past three months due to a change in my other life, I had to move to a new city and find a new derby team to call my own. It was hard to move to a new city and try and pick from a few not-so-close options. With derby the “fit” is as important as the location. Girls need to click on and off the track. It is hard to look at neighbouring leagues, and know which one may click for you – especially if you are leaving a league that you are really happy with! When I joined the new league I [was required] to do minimums over again, it had been almost a year since I had timed my 25 laps. I was pretty happy to see clearly the improvement in time. All this work really is leading somewhere!

    That’s the thing, derby really is work. Derby is a sport comprised of some amazing athletes. Derby involves a lot of teamwork, more so than many other sports. While superstars do exist in derby, superstars do not win games—the pack on the track working together with each other, and with the jammer is what wins games.

    The biggest misconception about derby is that it is a pretend sport, burlesque show, or a farce, or just some skating with flying elbows! It is a sport! It requires hard work and dedication from all its members both on and off the track. Just about every team struggles with finding practice space, venues, keeping the numbers up, making everyone happy. Just about every player struggles with their own personal issues, hang-ups, and doubts about themselves. Maybe that is what unites us all. Before derby we thought we were less than perfect, with derby we all appreciate just how amazing we are. Our imperfections are what make us awesome!

    Belles of the Brawl have their very first bout on May 28 against the Chrome Mollys! The team (sans Justine due to her experience) will be at the second edition of 2 Fresh 2 Furious on July 9th, and has registered for the Beast of the East.

    Justine Sane is now Co-Chair for the Belle City Rollergirls and busily setting up bouts while scouting up other leagues. An idea in the works is setting up a house league season with four or five neighbouring leagues for a prize or trophy at the end of the season.

    Any leagues who want to contact BCRG can click here:

    Belle City Rollergirls photographs courtesy of Carrie Verschoore Photography