Recent Derby contributions:

  • LOCO Rollerderby with Nia Capps Low Contact Derby league spreads wings in London & Kitchener
  • Blood & Thunder World Cup team coaches announced including Team Sweden
  • Molly! Molly! Molly! – GTAR fresh talent pass minimum requirements
  • Welcome to the real world – joe mac/midnight matinee Flickr sites
  • Holy smokes! I’m actually doing this – SmotherNature and Bruise Berry Pie
  • Thames Fatales tangle with Mid Michigan in Forest City
  • Blood & Thunder All-Stars
  • Tis the season to finally say “Are you ready to


    Whether it be watching DNN today or heading down to The Hangar to watch the newlook Dolls and the booty Gores or scrimmaging in some west end school – or heading out West soon to face the unholy Rollers – it’s all Derby and it’s all good.

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    Quad City Chaos March 28, 2010

    A taste of the future