Thames and Mid Michigan tango in season finale

[[fair warning: this story is anecdotal and based on a few memories at a time that is now 3:34 a.m. or 2:34 a.m. now at the daylight or eastern standard time whatever – and more than subject to change once the players are back from the Canadian beers at the afterparty] – and photos or video to come may just prove us totally wrong as usual].


When the Mid Michigan Derby Girls’ coach was asked what team she was supporting at the WFTDA Championships her immediate response was “Detroit!”

The Motor City team may not be the force it once was but its influence has spread through the state. [Don’t forget that little movie shot around there in Grand Rapids]. And it has definitely hit Mid Michigan Derby Girls whose mission statement is just as bold as any other league in Derby, This organization, Mid Michigan Derby Girls is Eastern/Mid Michigan’s premier all-female, flat track; not for profit, skater owned and operated roller derby league. Our goal is to bring roller derby back to Mid Michigan. We will demonstrate that women of all walks of life can be strong and independent, while managing a career and a personal life, and can excel in an otherwise male dominated sports world.

During the countdown to the game while the ladies warmed up around the sugarwater laden track the sounds of Thunderstruck blared over the new sound system for the night. Strange as it was to hear the strains of Tri-City’s Thunder AC/DC anthem along with Joan Jett being blared in strange territory the music segued into the 70s and 80s Footloose which of course meant dancing.

Both anthems of the United States of America and Canada were sung at the Western Fair Grounds before the match up of the WFTDA apprentice Mid Michigan Derby Girls and the black and forest hulk green of Thames Fatales in their final game of the year on a Saturday night. It was the action packed place to be.

While the Fatales had their way on the track in laying down a to use a famous term “shellacking” of more than 200 points on the order of 263-18 [give or take a few] Mid Michigan showed the same determination that in a match in October that Sister Slag [from Sudbury’s Nickel City league] put forth against the Luscious Lunch Ladies. It was a match filled with the Thames flare and speed on the track doing their usual to pump up the capacity crowd of 800. Thames Fatales filled with a few spots from the Luscious Lunch Ladies and new coach Andi Slamberg were able to exert their strategies and tactics = busting out a series of jammers ranging from Killson and Commie Kaze to Piepshow and maybe Slacker Smacker and first time jammer Tamahawk. For MMDG they countered with co-captain #FU2 Rita Taliate and V stood for #44 Valletta Vendetta. However, it was not by no means an easy match with the Mid Michigan team built on classic American formations with jammers short or tall and massive Mid Michigan blockers laying on the muscle and the big bruising hits. As the match became secure in hand captain Anya Face and co-captain Mirambo stood at the jammer line. It was problematic for Mid Michigan to score when lead jammer status was continually gained by Thames much to the roaring cheers of support from the crowd and the loud rumble of the Widow Larue announcer.

The most intriguing and probably most confusing part of the game to the game [and to viewers of the Championships on DNN] arose from Thames refusing to move off the pivot line – stretching the knowledge of rule by all the Mid Michigan team even while a power jam situation was not necessarily in play. The referees let the situation play out until Mid Michigan simply moved ahead and at ten feet the jammer whistle finally blew. Similarly in another point in the game, all of Thames dropped to one knee creating the no pack situation and still Mid Michigan didn’t move for the longest time until once again they moved ahead and the jammer whistle blew at which point pivot Anya Face started skating forward. At the start of a jam if one team skates forward and the opposing team remains stationary, upon a No Pack scenario the Jammer start whistle will blow and no penalties for illegally destroying the pack shall be enforced. Skaters and teams are still responsible for immediately reforming a pack (see Sections 6.10.7, 6.10.12, and 6.10.20).

Finally a long Official Timeout was called and whatever was discussed by refs and captains and the Mid Michigan coach Insane Mary Jane may have stemmed from these tactics or interpretation of how to call it.

Rule explained

Finally when Derby came back to the track Mid Michigan in their red and white [wings?] colours/colors was intent on trying to hit anything on black that moved into the wall posts while #69 in black Mirambo was just as intent on hitting back. Majors? There were a few. Bodies on the floor? There were a few. Camaraderie and good showmanship cheer on the track? Plentiful. Anya Face leg whip? One. Fuzzy memories of a year? Priceless.

As Samuel Johnson might have said once upon a time
When a man is tired of Thames, he is tired of life for there is in Thames all that life can afford.

Will never happen.

Addendum as of November 10, 2010
The place to be this weekend and all in all the most fun so get out there if you can and price of admission is a donation to their charity, bring a can of food or :
Total Knock Outs vs. Luscious London Lunch Ladies

Time: 13 November · 15:00 – 18:00
Location: New Hamburg Arena
251 Jacob St.
New Hamburg, ON

This is an early friends and family bout to benefit the Food Bank of Waterloo Region.

Doors open at 2:30 p.m., first whistle at 3 p.m.
Admission is a donation of cash or non-perishable food item for the food bank!

TKOS vs. Luscious Lunch Ladies

Latest news from Toronto :
This weekend’s bout is now SOLD OUT! if you got a ticket you are in for a treat!

Toronto Roller Derby Presents: The 2010 ToRD Championships!
Location:The Hangar @ Downsview park
Time:Saturday, 13 November 2010 18:30

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