Just another Derby Saturday – Game Day!

There’s a kind of a hush all over the world

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That’s probably all the fans of Derby on the left and west coast awaiting the next round of the Western Championships down there.

Forget Nuit Blanche. It’s Game Day! and up in this neck of the Great White North there is more than enough engagement and excited ladies hitting the tracks to fill the appetite of Derby fans.

Over there in the Forest City, the ladies of Forest City have been actively promoting their Luscious Lunch Ladies against the fresh Slag City contingent of Nickel City Roller Derby {NCRD] bouting out of their home city of Sudbury

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for the first time as a full team – only to be followed by what should be a rowdy bout between the Hamilton Harlots and the Thames Fatales. New merchandise on display too! plus the latest designs from Hot Across Buns will be adorned most likely. The rookies match with NCRD and the Luscious Lunch Ladies should be a knock ’em down affair too with lots of freshies looking for first bout hits and falling bodies getting used to bout and track and developing their Derby awareness. Hamilton is Hamilton so it’s full on and watch out there and Thames are speed merchants with blocking savvy. Fun times with D-Minus from Hammer City amongst the zebras calling hipchecks on Mirambo.

In the north at The Hangar today in the first round of the ToRD playoffs, the Smoke City Betties will reprise their championship bout from 2009 with Gore Gore Rollergirls where the Gories took the boot. Lots of never give up attitude expected.

All the recaps of the Western Championships are already up on DNN but reading is one thing and watching whether it be UStream’ed or over their HD cable network [not me] is another. Anything can happen as was shown when Bay Area prevailed over 3rd seeded Denver – the battle of speed versus the wall and reversal of strategies deployed as well. The following match with #1 Oly Rollers and Tucson may have been “text book” or so said the announcers but there is nothing text book about heart of both sides and never quit and no letting up and playing every jam as if it were the first jam of the game. Jet City took the same spirit up against Rocky Mountain as they attempted their second period comeback-lots of lead jam status but could never quite put up the points to show for it as Rocky Mountain engaged the blockers of Jet City inside and out such that Jet City could not decide or unable to cope with whether to push their own jammer through or try to take care of business with stopping Rocky Mountain jammers who flew by. Nonetheless, lots of lessons to be learned by teams and spectators alike and sleepy fans as action ended after midnight local time on the east coast or as they say 10 pm PST over there on the left coast.

So coffee time then keep your eyes and ears open today and cheer for a team or two or three or all!

And to the ladies at GTAR nose over toes as Krow knows.
Plus Goldie goes more notorious with WEWRA on Sunday.

Everyone everywhere scrimmaging on their local surfaces – There’s no such thing as a practice. You scrimmage the way you play.

Skate fast! Skate hard!