Trillium Rollergirls on the road to Green Mountain

The Trillium Rollergirls, an assemblage of seven GTA Rollergirls’ travel team infused themselves with seven members of Rideau Valley’s Slaughter Daughters to take on the Green Mountain Derby Dames of Vermont on September 25, 2010.

This was not the first time the players of GTA had encountered Green Mountain before as the Derby Debutantes lost on Green Mountain’s home turf and Rideau Valley had bouted Green Mountain at Beast of the East 2009 to a close 136-131 victory. This time would be different as GTA after having been slaughtered on an away game up to Rideau Valley invited players from RVRG such as Semi Precious and ASSASSINista to participate against GMDD. This assembled squad of Team Triillum took on an mixed squad of Green Mountain A and B to the tune of 111-50. An interesting sidenote to the game was Green Mountain’s WFTDA status along with RVRG’s own application to WFTDA in the works.

Half of the Canadian contingent was comprised of RVRG’s Semi Precious, Assassinista, Ripper A Part, Brickfist at Tuffyknees, Mudblood, Cupcake Killah and Smother Nature. The rest of the roster rolling down in the GTAR Derbymobile were GTAR’s Newfie Bullet, Pinky Tuffadero, Canadian Psycho, Lee Way Wreck’em, Getcha Kicks, Bruise Berry Pie and The Krow.

On The Road shenanigans in corn mazes and did you say goats? The goats were not only on the track but by the corn maze to be petted. Any other hijinx before and after winning the after-party which ensued have all been plausibly denied. More details will be dug out.

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