Durham Classy Trashy Ladies at The Hangar vs. ToRD D-VAS



Photos for this bout are on Flickr at www.flickr.com/photos/midnightmatinee58

The Classy Trashy Roller Girls of Durham Region are a self-described “kick ass team in the making”! And they lived up to their motto as they took to the track for their first game down in Toronto at The Hangar. As part of the 241 Double Header with the Queen City travel team from across the water, Buffalo’s Lake Effect Furies against CN Power, the opening game marked the debut of Durham Region and the Classy Trashy facing the resurrected Deadly Viper Assassination Squad [short form D-VAS] in the incarnation as ToRD’s rookie team. Rebecca Pym / Bones Brigade or “Bonesy”, a seasoned veteran of ToRD Death Track Dolls and CN Power has founded DRRD in Oshawa. She brought down the “you have to be fearless” [quote courtesy of Durham Region News] Durham DRRD squad of eleven players – which in numbers could be a challenge to roll a team on the track. However, not everyone on the team was a rookie, #4 Jewel Kicker [seen last year on the Betties] was DRRD’s triple threat, and with further ammo from #60 Mini Gun from another ToRD blast from the past Bay City Bruisers. It seemed to be more with joy than any trepidation that the first whistle of the jam blew to mark the start of the bout. In the two shortened to 20 minute periods reminiscent of the Montreal tournament Beast of the East the D-VAS were able to build an early lead, seemingly more comfortable on the ToRD track. However, that was no problem for DRRD Jewel Kicker who blazed around the track as jammer. AND BLOCKER. Bones Brigade went skate to skate with her pivot counterpart and captain Misery Mae from D-VAS. Skinned-Knee Crosby the assistant captain of the D-VAS had bouted for the first time ever as a member of the Frenemies against the Rollergettes on May 15 at George Bell Arena. Now in her D-VAS debut she was on pivot and blocker on the outside wall. She as well as the rest of the D-VAS who might be was vying for a position for the draft into ToRD, she has shown a real improvement.

Part of the D-VAS team was Emma Disaster #716 who also hailed from Buffalo. One other name who was familiar from the Canada Day scrimmage was Wolverina with the fierce looking three clawmarks designating her number 111, taking her three point stance on the jamming line to boot as well, AND taking on all three Derby positions. Strategizing, strengths of play could be scrambly at times with plenty of hits and falls, variations of Derby stance and trips leading to the penalty box and the proverbial struggles to stay upright on the track during long no lead jammer jams.

The referee contingent including Parking Lot, Penny Whistler and Classic Joker called it “100% rules from start to finish”, making sure the rookies kept it clean and would learn from their mistakes. There were even a couple of misconduct penalties.

Primary jammers for the Classy Trashy Roller Girls in the first half were #126 Cutsie Bootsie, #18 Roxy Rollah and #6 K-Rip in the first period squaring off against #13 Hellbat [originally from ORD], #1129 Santilly in Yo’Face, #111 Wolverina and #5 Titney. While Hellbat started off the game with a 4 point jam for D-VAS, Roxy Rollah responded with an 8 points on the second jam. The D-VAS were actually holding an 18-15 lead until Hellbat broke for a 14 point run to take the game up to 29-22. With 4:52 left in the period Wolverina with her warpainted face went against Roxy Rollah and scored four more points. As the real world ticked past 6:30 p.m. and the first period with less than two minutes in the first half #911 Krash Klown made her entrance on jammer with an 11-2 jam. Jewel Kicker closed off the first half for the Classy Trashy Roller Girls with a 4 points and the D-VAS ahead 44-32.

With the advent of the second half, Jewel Kicker broke back for DRRD with a near double slam of 9 points against 3 for Santilly in Yo’ Face. For the rest of the period, D-VAS sent jammers Santilly in Yo’ Face #1129, #13 Hellbat, Titney #5, and #111 Wolverina against the likes of #126 Cutsie Pie, #6 K Rip and Jewel Kicker #4 who was probably being held back due to her Smoke City Betties experience took the line only twice. With a triple grand slam from Titney followed by 9 from Hellbat the D-VAS took the score up to 75-44 and dominated at the line for the rest of the game until the last jam. There were plenty of spills and hits sending blockers and jammers to the floor – and double collisions amongst same teams. D-VAS with more awareness seemed to have more control of the pack. With the score at 93-53 with two minutes left, it seemed inevitable that D-VAS were going to get their century, yet both sides were playing full out and giving ‘er the best they got until the game ended with DRRD’s K-Rip closed it off with a double grand slam of her own and a 110-63 final.

Durham Region with all its travails fielding its first team and both leagues garnering first game experience for their rookie teams must be a proud and valuable accomplishment for all. ToRD has new talent waiting for next year’s draft on their farm team.

Under the guidance and coaching of all concerned including Blammo, Goodietwoscrews and Bones Brigade, Derby in Oshawa/Durham Region should not be a secret any longer.

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